Building End-User Programming Systems Based on a Domain-Specific Language

Herbert Prähofer, Dominik Hurnaus, Hanspeter Mössenböck
Christian Doppler Laboratory for Automated Software Engineering
{praehofer, hurnaus, moessenboeck}


End-users of automation software systems which are the machine operators have the task to provide machine settings and program simple control algorithms to adapt and optimize the machine to the specific automation tasks at hand. End-user programming systems are therefore an intrinsic part of automation systems.

In this paper we report on a project with the goal to build a software framework which allows realizing end-user programming systems with minimal effort. Our approach is based on a new component-based programming language Monaco for event-based machine control, a compiler-generator to realize a Monaco compiler, a virtual machine for execution of Monaco programs, and an Eclipse- and GEF-based modelling and program development environment.

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To be published in 6th OOPSLA Workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling, Portland, Oregon, USA, 22 October 2006.