Master's Thesis Seminar WS

339.505 Mössenböck, Blaschek, Prähofer Mo 15:30 - 17:00 S3 218 Start: Mo 04.03.2019, 15:30, S3 218

Schedule SS 2019

01.04. Kahlhofer, Lang
06.05.Dilber, Eilmsteiner, Jäger
20.05.Gander, Scheibl
24.06.Kahlhofer, Lang, Schörkhuber (short presentation)

How it works

Every candidate gives 3 presentations over 2 semesters:

1. presentation (10 min.): Motivation, overview, preliminary ideas, existing solutions, time schedule
2. presentation (25-30 min.): Progress report, current architecture, first results
3. presentation (25-30 min.): Final results

It is mandatory to attend the Master's thesis seminar even if you do not give a presentation. You are expected to participate in the discussions and to provide feedback to the presenters.

Normally, you need 2 minutes per slide. Avoid slides which consist only of text bullets. Rather, present your ideas, algorithms, architectures, and user interfaces with pictures and examples if possible. Don't forget that there is also a whiteboard that you can use.

Don't waste too much time with a formal introduction and come to the point quickly. Concentrate on the concepts of your work and don't talk too much about details unless necessary. Make the presentation understandable to colleagues who are not specialists in your field. Your goal should be that your colleagues get new insights into your work and can take something home from your talk.

Further information

Current Master students

Ante Dilber
Visualizing Infrastructure Architectures with Time Series and Event Metadata
Supervisor: DI Schörgenhumer

Simon Eilmsteiner
Allocation Profiling Analysis
Supervisor: DI Weninger

Elias Gander
Unification and Automation of Time-Based Heap Analysis Methods
Supervisor: DI Weninger

Patrick Hagmüller
A Truffle CIL Interpreter
Supervisor: DI Leopoldseder

Michael Jäger
A Truffle-based Compiler for IEC Languages
Supervisor: Prof. Mössenböck

Mario Kahlhofer
Event Prediction in Multi-System Monitoring through Deep Learning
Supervisor: DI Andreas Schörgenhumer

Alexander Lang
Memory Leak Investigation using Graph-based Visualization
Supervisor: DI Weninger

Christian Niederer
Pointer Tracing Support for Hotspot's G1 Garbage Collector in AntTracks
Supervisor: DI Weninger

Johannes Scheibl
Work Stealing in the Hotspot VM
Supervisor: Prof. Mössenböck, DI Thomas Schatzl (Oracle Labs)

Philipp Schörkhuber
A Persistency Layer for the ECCO Variation Control System based on JPA and JDO
Supervisor: Prof. Prähofer, Lukas Linsbauer